What does Bespoke Mean?

be-spoke adj: said especially of clothes. Making or selling custom-made clothing. A bespoke tailor.

The word bespoke has its roots in Savile Row, where it refers to clothing made to  client’s exact specifications. Bespoke tailoring involves the creation of a unique pattern for each client, differentiating it from made-to-measure, which merely adjusts a standard preexisting pattern.

Why buy custom clothing?

When your clothing is made for you specifically, you will enjoy the confidence and satisfaction derived from wearing a garment that fits you as no off-the-rack clothing can. You’ll have the assurance that your clothing was made to your specifications and was created of high quality materials. By commissioning a custom piece of clothing, you have the ability to fully customize your garment. You choose each element of the suit or shirt according to your preferences.

What type of cloth do you carry?

We only source from the top European mills in the world. This means there is no polyester or off- brand wools in any of our suit fabrics. Some are pure wool, cotton, linen, or cashmere while others may be a various blend of those materials along with silk, alpaca, and other luxury materials.

How does process work?

Schedule an appointment to meet at either office, home, etc, choose your cloth, chose your design customizations, get fitted. This initial consultation takes about an hour. In 5-6 weeks you will be contacted to schedule final fitting. After final fitting, any adjustments that need to be made will made. In about a week a so, your garment will be ready to wear.

Can I buy suit separates?

Yes. You can purchase an individual item: A single pair of trousers, A sport coat or blazer, A separate vest, or a two or three-piece suit. It’s your choice.

Do your suits have canvassing?

Yes. All One Forty One Bespoke suits come with half canvas and can be ungraded for an additional cost upon request.

When do I pay for my clothing?

Payment for you clothing is processed immediately when you place you order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.