Why One Forty One?

One Forty One was the first to focus on custom suiting, not just being a suit that you put on, but a suit
that is a reflection of the purchasers personality. From the fashion forward man, the flamboyant artist, and the conservative businessman who wants specific unique details, we focus on making sure the suit is a reflection of the wearers personality. One Forty One also focuses on the Bespoke lifestyle directing and curating there clients and stylish modern men to the coolest and the best in music, toys, media, and food & drink.

What Does Bespoke Mean?

be-spoke adj: said especially of clothes. Making or selling custom-made clothing. A bespoke tailor

The Word bespoke has its roots in Savile Row, where it refers to clothing made to a client’s exact specifications. Bespoke tailoring involves the creation of a unique pattern for each client, differentiating it form made-to-measure, which merely adjusts a standard preexisting pattern.

Does One Forty One have a flagship store I can visit?

Not yet, we are located in St. Louis, Missouri. We a currently scouting locations for our flagship store. We want to find a location that will best reflect our progressive style, but that also gives its respect to the old custom men’s store. In the meantime, a person can contact us either by phone or by email expressing interest. From there a representative from One Forty One will be contacting you to set up an appointment at your office, home, to a location of your liking.


We only source from the top European mills in the world. This means there is no polyester or off-brand wools in any of our suit fabrics. Some are pure wool, cotton, linen, or cashmere while others may be a various blends of these materials along with silk, alpaca, and other luxury materials. This is how the One Fort One suiting process works. You schedule an appointment to meet at either office, home, etc, choose your cloth, chose your design customizations, get fitted. The initial consultation takes about an hour. In 5-6 weeks you will be contacted to schedule final fitting. After final fitting, any adjustments that need to be made will be made. In about a week or so, your garment will be ready. We also sell suit separates and sport coats or Blazers. Our entry level suiting price starts at $695.


We only source our shirt fabric from the top mills in the world. We have numerous design options to pick from. After initial fitting, it takes 3-4 weeks to get shirt back. Custom shirts start at $115.

Do you sell accessories? Shoes, ties, etc?

Not at this time. We have such a wide range of clients it is hard to keep the kind of accessories that each client would like. We do provide a service where we will act as your Personal Shopper. Give us a style and a budget and we will find the perfect accessories to fit your bespoke suit. We charge a small percentage for a finders fee.


Instead of listing a long line of package options, we prefer to design a package that would best fit your needs.

What if I do not live in St. Louis and would to experience One Forty One’s custom suiting experience?

For those who don’t live in St. Louis but are serious inquiries we will come to you. Also One Forty One Bespoke’s online store is coming soon.

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